Black Beauties

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Celebrating the Beauty of Black Women
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This is a community for those who are attracted to black women, find a variety of black women beautiful, are black women themselves and/or appreciate the diverse beauty of black women. This community is open to any one of any ethnic background or gender.

This is primarily a photo community but topics of discussion are allowed as well. The topics must relate to the theme of this community.

You can also share photos of yourself (if you are a black woman), your wife, girlfriend, friend, mother, aunt, etc.

Members must be 18 and over due to the posting of photos with possible (but tasteful) nudity.

This community is maintained and managed by: biklar

The Rules are very simple:

  • The pictures posted must must be tasteful if nude, not pornographic (spread eagle, having sex, giving fellatio, etc).

    -No Flaming

    -No Racist, Sexist or Homophobic slurs

    -No Spam

    -No Porn -Links-, although as stated above sexy nude or semi nude pictures/photography are welcome

    -No Harassment of Other Members


    .Adhere to the Golden Rule
    .Make Friends
    .Enjoy Yourself
    .Celebrate Black Female Beauty
    .Use LJ Cut for very long entries and very large pictures

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    maintained by avonte and cerebralshrike

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